This Little Blog…

Is getting a little redesign and face lift! blueprint-964629_1920

Please be patient with me as I work to make this blog a bit more organized and functional with some of the life and business changes I’m going through.

Of course none of the old content will be leaving or deleted- all the old blogs that made you laugh or cry or skim past them TL;DR style will be searchable and much better organized once I get things in a better working order for the future.

Even with the coming changes, I will still post my personal memories and silly antics from my family. And will likely post some of the fun moments that life brings my way as I work to through this crazy new chapter.

However the over all theme of the blog will be taking on more of an event/business/DIY centered theme.

There will be some educational material added as I learn new things, some instructional posts for great D.I.Y. projects and great party ideas, along with a humble brag here and there from my own events (because it’s totally okay to be proud of your hard work!).

There will also be some fun blogs recounting the valuable business and life lessons learned along the road of a returning to school, realizing dreams, taking grand leaps of faith, and planning events.

wp-1471542626144.jpgI’m so excited to start making these (admittedly terrifying) changes and hope that I will still have you following me along the way, and please feel free to bring a friend – I’m fun like that.

Maybe we can learn a few things together, or just have a good laugh while I stumble through life in my 30’s.

Keep your eyes open for some coming changes and wish me luck!

Mrs. M.


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